Portsmouth Island

What is Portsmouth Island?


A 20 minute boat ride south from Ocracoke’s Silver Lake, you will find yourself on Portsmouth Island. This 13 mile stretch of land has a rich history. With the establishment of the town in the 1750’s, to the attacks from Union soldiers during the Civil War, and the last residents leaving the island in the 1970’s. Portsmouth Island is a beautiful part of the Outer Banks that is a must see for all visitors to North Carolina’s coast.

Our guides are extremely knowledgeable and will provide you with amazing stories about the rise and fall of this port village.

Portsmouth’s Beaches


Having been uninhabited since the 1970s, Portsmouth’s beach remain undeveloped. This makes its beaches some of the most beautiful in North Carolina. With relatively low number of tourist visiting the island you will be sure to walk away with some of the amazing shells that wash up on these shores.

Island Birds


Ocracoke inlet is a treasure trove for bird enthusiasts. The islands and sand bars play host to numerous species of birds that use the area for feeding and breeding. Our tours guides will help you identify different species.